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    FRP Molded Gratings
    FRP Pultruded Gratings
    FRP Molded Gratings
    FRP Pultruded Gratings
    FRP Pultruded profiles
    FRP Handrail systems
    FRP Pultruded profiles
    FRP Handrail systems
    Email: Peter@young-frp.com
    Address:No.399 Fengyong Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai,China.
    TEL: 15221085828
    FAX: 021-37520070

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    YIChang is the first brand FRP supply chain in China, established to serve Oil and Gas, Power and Desalination, Food Industry,Waste water treatment plants, Shipbuilding and repair works, Petro chemicals ,Pharmaceutical industries,Airports,Cement and Sugar Industries, Infra structure projects etc.Our products cover FRP molded gratings,FRP pultruded gratings,pultruded profiles,hand rails stair treads,ladders and so on. All products have been certificated by ISO 9001 International Standard Quality System and ASTM E-84.With the strength of modern manufacturing facilities, a strong team of qualified, experienced engineers and a highly motivated skilled workforce, We can execute any size of projects on time, every time.Our Aim is to understand the unique needs of our client, and to offer economical and cost effective solutions to their needs.

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